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Common ceiling classification

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-23 14:20:42

Ceiling material I. light steel keel gypsum board ceiling

Gypsum board is made of anhydrite as the main raw material mixed with additives and fibers. It has the properties of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, non combustion and sawability. The combination of gypsum board and light steel keel (pressed by galvanized thin steel) forms light steel keel gypsum board. There are many kinds of light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, including paper gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, fiber gypsum board, hollow gypsum board. There are many specifications on the market. At present, the use of light steel keel gypsum board ceiling as partition wall is more than that of modeling ceiling.

Ceiling material 2. Square ceiling

Most of them are used in commercial space. They are 600mm and 600mm in size, which can be divided into open bone and dark bone. The keel is usually made of aluminum or iron. The main board material can be divided into gypsum board, calcium silicate board and mineral wool board. Gypsum board in the previous paragraph has been described, the following introduction of calcium silicate board and mineral wool board.

1. Calcium plate. The full name is fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, which is made of siliceous materials (diatomite, bentonite, quartz powder, etc.), calcareous materials, reinforced fibers, etc. as the main raw materials, through the processes of pulping, green forming, steam curing, surface sanding, etc. Calcium silicate board has the advantages of light weight, high strength, moisture-proof, corrosion prevention, fire-proof and other advantages; another remarkable feature is that it is easy to be reprocessed, unlike gypsum board, which is easy to be broken.

2. Cotton board. After high temperature, high pressure and high speed rotation of slag, impurities are removed and washed into mineral wool. Mineral wool board is mainly composed of ore, binder, pulp and perlite. Mineral wool board has similar characteristics of calcium silicate board, but its sound absorption performance is better than gypsum board and calcium silicate board.

Ceiling material 3. Plywood ceiling

Plywood ceiling is commonly used in decoration. Plywood (also known as plywood), is the log after cooking and softening, along the ring cut into large thin pieces, through drying, finishing, gluing, assembling, hot pressing, sawing. It has the advantages of light material, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, shock resistance and vibration resistance, easy processing and coating, insulation and other advantages. Generally, 5mm plywood is used to make ceiling. 3mm is too thin and easy to arch, and 9mm is too thick. In fact, the reason for its popularity is that it can easily create a variety of modeling ceiling, including curved, round, square, not to mention.

Plywood ceiling with some time may lose paint, the method is in the decoration must brush varnish (varnish), dry before doing other processes. Another drawback of the splint is that the interface will crack. The solution is to fill the interface with atomic ash during decoration.

Ceiling material 4. Microporous aluminum plate

Microporous aluminum plate, also known as dark bone square gusset plate ceiling system, has the characteristics of flat board surface, clear edges and fine seams. The ceiling system reflects the appearance effect of regular, generous, rich and elegant, and wide vision. The concealed square gusset plate ceiling system has the advantages of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. Moreover, it is easy to install and dismantle. Each plate can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

Materials of ceiling 5. Baking paint aluminum gusset plate ceiling

Integrated ceiling manufacturers investment introduction, aluminum gusset plate profiled materials are mainly divided into strip, square, grid three kinds

1. The ceiling is a kind of long strip aluminum gusset plate, which is generally suitable for walkways and other places. It can help to reduce the narrow feeling in the design. Family decoration has mostly no longer used this material, mainly not resistant to dirt and easy deformation.

2. The square aluminum plate is divided into two specifications: 300 mm, 300 mm, 600 mm and 600 mm. The former is suitable for dirty places such as kitchen and toilet, while the latter is often used in office and other commercial places. Square aluminum gusset plate is the mainstream product at present. Square aluminum gusset plate is divided into micropore and non porous. The main advantage of the microporous aluminum gusset plate is that it can ventilate, so that the moisture in the toilet and other high humidity areas can enter the top through the pores, avoiding the formation of water droplets on the board surface.

3. When grid aluminum gusset plate, be careful that someone counterfeits it with stainless iron. To verify whether it is pure aluminum, impure aluminum or stainless iron, magnets can be used to verify that the true aluminum does not absorb magnetism, while the secondary aluminum or fake aluminum can. But this method is not a perfect solution, because illegal businesses can also fake this feature by degaussing.

Ceiling materials 6. Painted glass ceiling

The decoration of ceiling, in addition to material selection, is mainly the problem of the size proportion of the shape. The former should be dealt with according to the specific situation, while the latter should be calculated on the basis of ergonomics and aesthetics. From the height, the interior clearance height of home decoration should not be less than 2.5m. Otherwise, try not to do modelling smallpox, and choose plaster line frame decoration.

Ceiling material 7. Waterproof gypsum board

Waterproof gypsum board: it is generally used for decoration of space with high humidity, such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen. The surface water absorption is less than 160g / m2 and the water absorption rate is about 5%. It's easy to choose different materials according to the different materials of the toilet. The construction of waterproof gypsum board generally uses light steel keel framework, and attention should be paid to painting antirust paint on the suspender during construction.

Ceiling material 8. High grade PVC board

High grade PVC board: PVC ceiling profile is generally used for the ceiling without fire protection requirements in kitchen and toilet. The plastic gusset plate ceiling is made up of 40mm × 40mm square planks, and the plastic gusset plate is nailed under the skeleton. This kind of ceiling is more suitable for decoration of toilet ceiling. Specification Format: 1300 * 20001220 * 24401000 * 2000 can also be customized according to user requirements.