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Congratulations on Shandong Huamei building materials Co., Ltd

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-29 11:26:01

On July 20, 2020, China Jinming management consulting acceptance evaluation team came to Shandong Huamei building materials Co., Ltd. for the final round of acceptance. Through the cooperation of various departments, our company finally passed the acceptance with a total score of 90.5.

Since the establishment of the list, the company has invested 12 points of energy, especially in the production workshop, from the overall planning of the workshop to the environmental sanitation in all corners, all of which witness the great changes in these two and a half months!

When things are different, things will change. In the new economic environment, Shandong Huamei building materials Co., Ltd. complies with the historical trend, makes timely changes, and sorts out the business ideas in time: clear daily goals, high enthusiasm for meetings, and enhanced team cohesion, so that the nine goals of production, quality, environment, safety, energy saving, personnel, plan, publicity and process are truly integrated into our own management system.

Boundless travel, sail but trade wind. Shandong Huamei building materials Co., Ltd. is carrying out our business philosophy with an uplifting attitude: it is worth trusting!

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