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Conveying system of gypsum board production line2020-07-23

The conveying system of gypsum board production line is a set of system that can hold and transport the gypsum board to the designated area after the gypsum board is extruded. Generally, it is composed of motor, reducer and brake (stop), etc.; the tension

Common ceiling classification2020-07-23

Ceiling material I. light steel keel gypsum board ceilingGypsum board is made of anhydrite as the main raw material mixed with additives and fibers. It has the properties of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, non combustion and sawability. T

Setting time of gypsum board2020-07-23

In the use of gypsum board machinery and equipment, the setting time of gypsum directly affects the production efficiency and product quality of the equipment. In general, how long is the setting time of gypsum and what kind of chemical principle does it

Motor operation of gypsum board machinery2020-07-23

Gypsum board machinery and equipment is a continuous production of gypsum board equipment, it makes the production of gypsum board high quality and rapid. The following small series will give you the introduction of gypsum board automatic production line

Selection points of gypsum production equipment2020-07-23

It has been said that the attitude determines everything in the production and operation of gypsum line equipment customers. The actual operation of gypsum line equipment is like this. Proper and effective operation steps and sound key points can help the