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Selection points of gypsum production equipment

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-23 14:15:09

It has been said that the attitude determines everything in the production and operation of gypsum line equipment customers. The actual operation of gypsum line equipment is like this. Proper and effective operation steps and sound key points can help the mill to produce more efficiently and have a longer service life. Next, we will learn about the key points of gypsum line machinery and equipment that must be paid attention to Bit.

First, we should pay attention to the professional technical training staff assigned by the manufacturer, the operation steps of work handover, common problems, and common troubleshooting solutions After the completion of the training, we should assign professional and technical personnel to guard, and try our best to train the staff or the staff with working experience, so as to prevent accidents in normal work and cause problems.

Second, after purchasing the gypsum line equipment, we should formulate reasonable management methods and management system, and carry out regular maintenance and overhaul of the equipment. In addition, after the mill has been operating for a period of time, we should carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, especially for the consumption of grinding ring, grinding roller and ash knife. Generally, the grinding roller should be disassembled and replaced after 500 hours, and the larger fee limit is 10 mm, If the damage is more serious, but also production and manufacturing, very prone to accidents and common faults. When the grinding roller is replaced, the roller bearing in the roller sleeve should be completely cleaned, and then the lubricating fluid on the upper rack should be added. The seriously damaged components should be removed and replaced immediately.

Third, the particle size of raw material products should be manipulated, and the uneven size is not good for the equipment. The rotational speed ratio of the analyzer is an important factor to control the particle size of the finished product, and the customer can adjust it according to the particle size requirements.

Fourth, there must be appropriate start-up and shutdown steps, which equipment must be opened first to release raw materials, and the sequence of starting and shutting down the components of the equipment. All these are reasonable ways to maintain mill parts and increase the service life. Power off pruning also solves the equipment to carry out cleaning, it is very important that there is no other dirty things in the grinding room.