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Quality judgment of gypsum board mechanical equipment

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-22 15:19:05

Different manufacturers of gypsum board machinery and equipment to produce gypsum board quality is different, now most of the roof of the home is decorated with gypsum line, its white color can show the family's clean and beautiful, plus its low price, so it is very popular at present. However, some friends welcome that some gypsum lines fall off and break after decoration for a short time, which makes the original beautiful ceiling obsolete. It is necessary to renovate the ceiling at home. It is a waste of money and more time and energy, which is very distressing. In fact, this situation is mainly related to the poor quality of the gypsum line. How to judge whether the gypsum board production line products are qualified? In fact, it is very simple, just need to see its physical identification standard.

1、 Whiteness of gypsum line: the degree of white on the surface of gypsum line, expressed by the percentage of white content. It is mainly used for interior decoration, so it must meet the requirements to be beautiful, and the whiteness of gypsum line should be uniform;

2、 Water content of gypsum line: there are three ways to express the moisture content of gypsum line: the first is to calculate the water content ratio of gypsum line before and after drying; the second is to calculate the data ratio of water in gypsum line after drying; the third is the volume ratio of water quality of gypsum line to the whole gypsum line; generally, the lower the moisture content of gypsum line is, the better the quality is, which is not easy Wet.

3、 Fracture load of gypsum line: refers to the maximum pressure / tension (combined with external force) that the gypsum line can bear before fracture.