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Motor operation of gypsum board machinery

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-23 14:16:34

Gypsum board machinery and equipment is a continuous production of gypsum board equipment, it makes the production of gypsum board high quality and rapid. The following small series will give you the introduction of gypsum board automatic production line motor operation instructions, please look carefully!

First turn on the power supply, and then the three power indicator lights are on to prove that the three-phase power supply has reached the distribution box. At this time, you can start the motor by pressing the blue button of the motor. If it can not be started, you can open the door of the distribution box to see whether the second dz108 switch in the first row is red long blue short.

If you do not press blue, you can start the motor, turn on the line regulator switch, and then slowly raise the regulator potentiometer to indicate the desired speed.

During shutdown, slowly lower the governor potentiometer to zero position, then turn off the governor switch, and then press the motor red button to stop the motor operation. Finally, turn off the main switch.