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What are the characteristics of high crystal plate

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-23 14:31:08

In fact, the composition of high crystal board and gypsum board belong to the same kind, but there are some differences in technology and proportion of ingredients. Because these small differences show the unique characteristics of high crystal plate. The following Huake for the characteristics of high crystal plate to do a brief introduction.

1、 Environmental protection

It belongs to a kind of green building materials, the products do not contain harmful formaldehyde, heavy metals, benzene, etc.

2、 Moisture proof function

High crystal plate has a hydrophobic base system, very low water absorption and moisture deflection, high water strength, low deformation rate, long time no color change.

3、 Decorative

The panel has a variety of specifications, sizes, flower mouth, a variety of patent keel, a variety of grid plate to make the overall decoration effect better.

4、 Fire resistance

The fire rating is A1, the sound-absorbing wallboard has a very high fire rating, and the surface can be customized with wood grain.

5、 Maintainability

No access hole is required, and the method of tile installation is adopted. All surface materials can be disassembled, which is convenient for maintenance.

The above is Huake on the characteristics of high crystal plate made a simple introduction. I believe you have a new understanding of high crystal plate.

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