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What are the characteristics of high crystal plate2020-07-23

In fact, the composition of high crystal board and gypsum board belong to the same kind, but there are some differences in technology and proportion of ingredients. Because these small differences show the unique characteristics of high crystal plate. The

Is there formaldehyde in gypsum board?2020-07-23

Speaking of gypsum board, I believe we will not be unfamiliar, it is the most widely used decorative materials in home decoration, it can not only carry out ceiling decoration, but also wall and floor decoration. In modern society, people's most conce

What is the difference between high crystal board and gypsum board2020-07-23

The two major mainstream products in the gypsum board ceiling industry are paper gypsum board and high crystal board. Gypsum plaster board is the first generation of gypsum board ceiling products, which is well known by people. The fourth generation of hi

Quality judgment of gypsum board mechanical equipment2020-07-22

Different manufacturers of gypsum board machinery and equipment to produce gypsum board quality is different, now most of the roof of the home is decorated with gypsum line, its white color can show the family's clean and beautiful, plus its low price

Standard of high quality gypsum line2020-07-22

High quality gypsum line production line to produce products to meet the needs of the market, so what is the high quality gypsum line standard?1. First of all, it depends on the surface finish:Because of the painting stripes of plaster relief decoration g

Construction method of gypsum board ceiling and partition wall2020-07-22

In the family decoration, gypsum board is the most common decoration material. Gypsum board is made of anhydrite as the main raw material, adding additives and fibers. It has the properties of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, non combustio