Automatic Acoustic Fiberglass Ceiling Board Production Line

High speed disperserHMG

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-24 09:15:47



Product introduction

1. When stirring and dispersing, the air absorption is very little, and the mixing and mixing effects are good. With medium or high speed stirring, the dispersion can make the substance dissolve rapidly and the particles become smaller. The very fine solid particles are added into the liquid to make the suspended particles. The characteristics of the suspended particles are that they are not subject to the gravity and precipitate.

2. The surface of a solid particle is wetted with a liquid base material.

3. The particles are broken up into smaller particles by mechanical energy.

4. The characteristic interaction between particles and liquid base materials determines the power of wetting and flocculation.

5. The interaction between solid particles and liquid base material determines the wetting and anti flocculation effects.

6. Applicable materials: coating, fuel, pigment, latex paint, ink, paper, adhesive and other chemical industries for liquid and liquid solid materials.





Site requirements

Reserved water interface, electric interface, voltage 380V / 220V, drainage and sewage channel

Equipment output

2 hours / ton


Amount of labor

Four people